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Quins Launch 2023 Members' Survey

The Sydney Quins are launching an online survey to get feedback into how you want our club to evolve and confirm/uncover what issues matter to you.

This can be filled named or anonymously (or both, if you'd like 2 goes at it!) so that we get as much open and transparent information as possible. It's not long and should take around 5 minutes (average) to complete, depending on your responses. The survey is not obligatory, but any playing, coaching or Old Boy members are invited to participate.

We've made several huge leaps forward over recent years. With the pandemic hitting every amateur sports club in Australia, the Quins Exec are determined to hear what as many of you have to say as possible.

If you'd prefer a conversation directly, we're also keen. If you don't already have (Club Secretary) Anthony Murray's number, please message us through our online accounts or at with convenient times.

Huge thanks in advance from the whole Sydney Exec Committee!


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