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Quins' Referees & Support

As part of being a Division 3 club, we’re required to have 4 fully-accredited Assistant Referees and 2 newly-accredited Referees as Quins members.  Quins who volunteer to support refereeing can earn $100 off their annual playing subscription without impacting their playing time (5 full games or more).

Newly accredited Referees typically manage bottom-grade games during home game matches.  Assistant Referees (ARs) support all games, although this has primarily been managed by Rohan and Anthony over the last 3 seasons.

These roles are vital to the future running of our matches and involvement of Quins in Division 3.  Please use the links below to find the AR test – this can be done anywhere and usually takes no longer than 3 hours. 

The link also has information about further qualifications to become a full Referee, which requires live assessment.  Note, this does not involve requirement to referee other league games (non-Quins games) unless you choose in the future to do so!

Get Qualified

Click below for links to online courses and registration.

Ask Us

We're happy to share information and experience going through the AR process.

Find Out More

Click below for links to guidance, videos and background to Rugby AU’s referees.

Subscription Discount

Get access to 50% reduction on annual subscriptions as a volunteer.

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