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Preseason Shaping Up For 2023 Season

Communication from our Club VP, Rohan Aalders:

Some pre-season housekeeping, usual common sense COVID restrictions still apply. If you are unwell please give training a miss and let us know.

Critical Dates Pre-Season

Wednesday 1st February - pre-season proper commences at Waterloo Oval and continues each Wednesday night. Thanks to those who submitted feedback via the survey about training.

  • Saturday 25th February - Quins at the Glenroy (TBC), bit of pre-season bonding with a keg on.

  • Saturday 11th March - Trial 1 TBC

  • Saturday 18th March - Trial 2 TBC

  • Saturday 25th March - Trial 3 @ Epping

Critical Dates Season

  • Saturday 1st April - Round 1

  • Saturday 8th April - Easter (no rugby)

  • Saturday 13th May - Wet Weather Week

  • Saturday 10th June - King's Birthday Weekend (no rugby)

  • Saturday 15th July - Wet Weather Week

  • Saturday 5th August - Finals Week 1

  • Saturday 26th August - Grand Final

The above is slightly subject to change depending on how the division shakes out but Week 1, Easter and Kings Birthday are locked in. Last year showed we needed every wet weather week so please don't make plans to go away those weekends.

As it currently stands we will be playing in Division 3 this season. I don't have the makeup of the Division in terms of what teams will be there but I'll pass it on as soon as we know.




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